The true spirit of reggae with a blend of experienced artistry and youthful energy

Father Sun’s repertoire encompasses reggae covers and original compositions, each note carrying the authentic vibe of the genre.

Their performances are not mere musical exhibitions; they are heartfelt celebrations of life and the universal language of music.

Join Father Sun on their musical odyssey, where the essence of reggae is embraced and shared, connecting souls and spreading positivity wherever their music is heard.

About the Musicians

Each member of Father Sun brings their own unique flair to the performances.

Janiah Allen holds down the low end on the bass, providing a combination of steady root notes, syncopated rhythms, and melodic fills, adding depth and movement to the music. Janiah’s son, Nyo Allen, offers his exceptional drumming skills, bringing life to Father Sun’s beats and creating a tight, cohesive groove with his father on bass. On lead guitar, Aram Skenderian adds a touch of virtuosity to the mix with tasty solos that complement the rhythmic elements and enhance the overall vibe. Father Sun often invites additional talented musicians for live performances & studio recordings & can be seen backing other reggae artists from outside the region.

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